Domus Aurea House

Domus Aurea House

Designed by Alberto Campo Baeza

The Domus Aurea House, located in Monterrey, Mexico, is a stunning home designed by the Spanish architects Alberto Campo Baeza. Alberto worked very closely with a local architect Gilberto L. Rodriguez to designed and create this inspiring minimal residence. 

Domus Aurea is Latin for Golden House and I think this name is perfect for this home. With the front façade designed to be symmetric, all the while dividing the house into three horizontal planes. Each floor hosts it's own category of space with the ground floor featuring the social areas and the sleeping areas occupying the first floor. The first floor is connected by a large landing that overlooks the living spaces. The cherry on the top must be the awe inspiring rooftop that hosts a stunning swimming pool creating a perfect spot to relax and unwind.

Throughout the home you can't help but notice the continues symmetry running from the front to the back with strips of spaces. The most visibly flawless part of the home is the framed view that you get from the rooftop as you look out, with the pool behind you, out in to the vista.

The interior is sparse and minimal while it plays with the light to create a golden coat throughout the home as it lives up to it's name.

Alberto Campo Baeza also designed the amazing Raumplan House.

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