Dafundo Apartment

Dafundo Apartment

Designed by João Tiago Aguiar

Dafundo Apartment is a minimalist designed apartment created by João Tiago Aguiar, a Portuguese architecture firm. The apartment is situated on the riverbank of the Dafundo area in Lisbon, Portugal and belongs to a couple who are marine biologists. 

Dafundo Apartment is a good mix of classic and modern design. The building retains a classic vibe with decorated ceilings and iron railings. However, the interior furnishing speaks a modern language. The furnishing is kept to bare minimum creating more open spaces within the apartment. The softness of the wood flooring stands out against the crisp all white walls and ceilings. A modern bathroom makes use of concrete and marble as furnishing with a hint of colour with the neutral grey.     

Excessive partitioning is eliminated giving more room for natural light especially in the heart of the apartment, which is a huge area. The designers make use of tabique or traditional wooden partitions to create divisions within the house. The long row of columns in the entertaining room reminds us of the ancient structures in Greece and Rome. They segregate rooms without interrupting the flow of light and air.  

The proximity of the site to the river is created intentionally to strengthen the couple's bond with water. The entertaining spaces like the living and dining area are pushed towards the facade facing the river to maximise the view. Terraces are found in plenty and spread across the full length of the building providing a scenic view of the river from various points in the house.    


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