Chiodo 1-3

Designed by Marco Ripa & Design? Studio Associato

Chiodo Collection is designed by Design? Studio Associato and manufactured by Marco Ripa a designer and craftsman in his own right. 

A humble inspiration gave birth to a modern, yet elegant collection. The inspiration for this collection comes from the idea of a nail stuck in the wall. This idea with the help of creativity and intelligence produced a logical form that could be used in numerous ways.  

Chiodo 1, Chiodo 2 and Chiodo 3 are multipurpose wall mounted coat hangers from the minimalist Chiodo collection. Although the design is pretty simple, the coat hooks resemble a flattened nail-head embedded in the wall. One of the hook's components that mimic the nail head opens to provide a mini storage space whereas the other hook has a mirror attached to the head. 
These hooks are made of iron, which is a favourite choice of Marco, and are dusted with powder coating. According to Marco Ripa, " His metal takes shape, colour and balance inspired by the American sculptor Calder."

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