Chiodo 4-7

Designed by Marco Ripa & Design? Studio Associato

A nail stuck in the wall inspired this collection whereas creativity moulded the idea into an aesthetically appealing and practical design for day-to-day use. Design? Studio Associato designed the minimalist Chiodo range with the craftsman and designer Marco Ripa assisting with the manufacturing.

Marco Ripa's signature style, the Chiodo range is made of iron. According to Marco, "The metal is dirty, noisy and rejects repetition." The products are also dressed with powder coating for durability.       

The corresponding table and stools speak of simplicity and style. The tables and seats resemble the nail, which is grounded to the floor this time instead of the wall. The seat/head of the stool, that reminds us of the nail head, can be lifted to access a neatly segregated bottle storage space. The table and stools come in two very classic colours, black and white, which only further compliments the sleek design.       


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