Casa das Mudas

Casa das Mudas

Designed by Architect Paulo David

The eclectic museum-like space in the city of Funchal in Madeira, Portugal is a hub for cultural activities. Architect Paulo David has sketched a complex design and created a dynamic scale for a rural setting.     

The proximity to the structure defines the complexity of the design. It has a deep sense of connection to the mountains in terms of verticality and to the sea horizontally. The layouts of geometry experiments celebrate the natural topography. The minimalism lies in the simplicity of the colours used with sharp angles and straight cut lines.      

Dark stones adorn the façade creating a smooth transition from the ground up. A landscape of organic garden surrounds the building and the terrace. A layout resembling a maze is crafted with tunnels, patios, and pathways that cut through and connect all the functions.

Classic and contemporary art are displayed and taught in the vicinity of the structure. The technical framework is hidden to give importance to the artwork. Two spatial aspects within the centre stand out due to their design. The auditorium that provides a detail oriented wide space for shows and programs and the exhibition rooms, which are designed for spatial flexibility to provide room for the various purposes.    

Casa das Mudas was created with intent to connect with the sea while staying within the rural boundaries. This visual treat is an ideal location for visitors to pass their time in peace and explore the sea.

The stunning photography was take by the talented Nuno Andrade.

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