Calcite Collection

Designed by Romain Voulet

Romain Voulet, a London-based designer, has created the stunning minimalist collection incorporating a pendant and a floor lamp called Calcite. Taking a raw piece of marble and creating something unique and original, such as the Calcite collection, is truly a skill. After visiting the Mies van der Rohe in Barcelona, Romain Voulet became focused on taking the unique ways that they had manipulated marble, onyx and granite and creating a range in line with what he saw. The first piece to come from this trip was the pendant followed by the floor lamp. Both are made using polished white Carrara marble and an aluminium finish in epoxy black lacquer. Not only does the marble create a visual break in the strong lines that each piece promotes and create a centred perspective or "floatness" but it also has a unique ability to diffuse the heat from the LED.

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