Designed by BEBOP

Taking design direction from nature isn't something new. However, when you find something quite special you can't help but wonder why more designers don't do it. The BLOSSOM, designed by BEBOP, is one of these special pieces, derived directly from a beautifully blossomed flower. Through it's unique aesthetics and functionality, the BLOSSOM Bluetooth speaker has been designed to project the sound from the bottom-up and projected in all direction through the cone shape top. The two shapes, both cone and cylinder, provide a really well thought-out shape that conveys a level of minimalist aesthetics.

BEBOP design studio, which is based in Seoul, Korea have created this speaker for the product brand LEXON. A really nice feature is the audio-dispersing cone's ability to nest away into the main cylinder body when portability is required. A flexible spandex material cover merges the two main shapes together providing an illusion of balance between each geometric pieces. The BLOSSOM comes in fine different colours.