Binburra Beach House

Designed by Amee Allsop

Located up the road from us in Sydney's Northern Beaches is the Binburra Beach House, a minimalist designed residence created by the amazing Amee Allsop. Created to open up the interior space and create a more fluid, natural flow from within. Using the natural whitewashed wooden floors and the white walls and ceiling, the natural wood and concrete textures play and pop, standing out in a residence of detail. The natural landscape provides an uncompromising focal point that the balcony takes full advantage of while positioned adjacent to the main living area. The contrasting exterior plays plentifully with the clean colour palette within. The dark, almost black, wooden exterior provides a sophisticated finish that canvases the entire design aesthetic in a beautiful way. 

To top all this off, the furniture and millwork within this stunning home had been created by Mr & Mrs White, an incredibly talented, local design duo.