Bento Tray

Designed by OSW

Berlin-based brand OSW lead by designer Johannes Grune and Oleg Pugachev have designed the minimalist Bento Tray. The tactile, rounded table is the perfect "occasional table for every occasion". The design offers a perfect mix of flexibility and aesthetic appeal. The Bento Tray comes in four sizes which can either work together or work well individually. With the current trend and appeal around stand up offices, the smallest Bento Tray would be a perfect addition to an office or home adding additional height to your desk. While the smallest tray can accommodate height the other sizes with a reduced height would also work well whether on the couch or in bed. The larger sizes work wonderfully as side tables or providing an excellent platform to work off the floor. 

The trays are accurately crafted and use state-of-the-art machinery. The solid wood and curved edges make these designs a wonderful addition to any home. What we really like about OSW is their focus and passion around manufacturing to a local, sustainable production using local materials and the Bento Trays have this written all over them with each piece custom-made from FSC-certified oak or ash and produced in Berlin, Germany.

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