Bendigo House

Bendigo House

Designed by Flack Studio

Designed by Flack Studio, this wonderfully designed minimal house is located in Victoria, Australia on several acres of lands. In Flack’s own words:

The interior of the long, spacious pavilion-style house has been paid uncompromising attention. Opulent, textural materials, a deep tonal palette and generosity of space create a noticeably bold yet comforting environment.

Designing something to be a view-able piece of art but with a sense of comfort is no easy feat. Flack Studio has done this very well by including pieces such as the Eames lounge, soaking tub and fur throws to help make this home feel like comfortable and modern.

The monochromatic grey tones with injections of colour work well throughout the whole house incorporating a sense of fun within what could be conceived as a somewhat industrial feel. However, this design is fun and I love how everything has been tied together to create a solid, holistic approach.

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