Baomaru House

Baomaru House

Designed by Rieuldorang Atelier

South Korea-based architecture firm Rieuldorang Atelier has created a simply gorgeous residence taking minimalism to another level with the Baomaru House. The home has been designed with a potent injection of angler form and experimental geometry. The estate spreads across a 188m2 plot with a distinct design aesthetics that simply breaks up the home's frame. 

The main focus and attraction on this home is the giant frame that stands above the rest of the home, spaced away from the main body of the residence to promote a sense of difference. This main visual taste sets the tone for the rest of the home's design and look and feel. The home has been split into two main areas of habitat with the social and private areas divided on each side. Between each main block is a promenade that plays a key part in the total design approach.

The home's interior is also a hugely successful piece of design, through the use of natural materials including the lovely wooden panels within a number of the key spaces and not forgetting the variety of shapes that are staggered throughout the home. A balance has been kept within the interior through a key minimalist direction allowing for harmonious canvas compared to the varied exterior.

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