Banc Frais Bench

Designed by Jean Couvreur

The Banc Frais Bench is Jean Couvreur's latest piece. Built from a giant piece of raw white concrete, this large, visually stunning, design promotes a nostalgic ideology through the use of water and concrete. Pumped directly from it's central spring, water calmly sits upon the large block within a carefully shallowed out capacity. Visually it looks more like the water has slowly eroded it's place upon the block over generations. The design questions the established understanding of not only climate change itself but the use of fresh clean water within warm, developed areas in and around our city. With the world looking like it'll warm by 1 to 2 degrees in temperature by 2050, we forget that dense dwellings and city centers amplify this and increase the perception of warmth in and around the greater populations. 

Historically, fountains provided a place for local gatherings, drinking water, hygiene and coolness within the village squares but over time this sort of city design has become less important. Banc Frais aims to encourage not only the ideas around this but to show that you don't need to invest large sums of cash to develop something unique and effective within smaller scaled projects.