Ball Vase

Ball Vase

Designed by Cooee Design

Cooee Design is an ingenious design company based in the deep forests of Småland, which is in the south of Sweden. Catrine Åberg is the founder of this company, which sells interior products and jewellery pieces all over the world. Their approach towards design is a good mix of Scandinavian style and modern materials.

Cooee Design's ball vase is a simple but elegant home decor piece that delivers style and character to any given room. Although the ball vase's design looks effortless it still manages to stand out in the room. The product is made from smooth matte porcelain that provides a unique matte finish. This smooth finish and the two layers of paint help draw a lot of positive attention. The product is lightweight and comes in three different sizes small, medium, and large with a height and diameter of 8 cm, 10 cm, and 20 cm respectively.      

Floral arrangements look beautiful in the minimalist ball vase. Nevertheless, the vase requires no additional ornamentation and works splendidly as a centerpiece by itself.

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