Allen Key House

Designed by Architect Prineas

Located in Lane Cove, Australia sits the Allen Key House, designed by Architect Prineas. Taking the existing house and bringing a new sense of space to the existing 1930's Californian Bungalow through generous kitchen and living spaces outlined the brief that the architects received. Having the internal space connect to the garden was also an important consideration that the architects had to add into their focus. Not only did they accomplish the brief but they managed to create a home that sings minimalism and simplicity with a large dose of style.  

The budget wasn't too large to start with so the architects had to think outside the box with how they accomplished this small feat. They started with a shed-like structure that offered a level of ease that allowed them to build upon and explored ways to allow light to flood the interior through slight adjustments to the roof. The overall build very much focuses on the connection with the old and the new, inside and out and our connection with nature, be it through a well executed view or a large window looking out on to the garden.