Ace Collection

Ace Collection

Designed Normann Copenhagen

Launched at the Milan Design Week 2016, the Ace lounge collection has been designed by Hans Hornermann, a young Danish designer, for Normann Copenhagen. The collection has taken the flat-packed mentality to another level with luxurious upholstered finishes. 

The Ace collection comes in an exclusive leather and two very distinct fabrics, the first being a velour and the second a flecked wool textile called "Nist" which was developed in-house by Normann Copenhagen. The wool textile is made using a unique weaving technique and incorporates around 52% linen which contributes to the fine natural flecking of the finished fabric. Both fabrics bring out different characteristics to the collection with the velour drawing on elegance and the Nist textile giving off a sense of masculinity. Within the collection there is the Ace lounge chair, the sofa, dining table chair and a footstool. 

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