6040 Stool

Designed by Studio Stephan Schmid

This 6040 Stool was the brainchild of Studio Stephan Schmid, a Munich-based design studio. The seat also doubles as a versatile cloakroom when combining two seats - one on top of the other.  The use of both natural and man-made materials creates a very calming aesthetic which sits well in the bedroom or dining room. The classic shape originates from a time when houses were getting smaller within built-up cities. The need for pieces that were functional yet provided a smaller than usual footprint increased. 

"In times when housing areas in cities become smaller, the demand for furniture that adapts to this development is quite high. Furnishing has a need to become more flexible and foldable, extensible or versatile – usable versions of products have to be well-designed and multi-functional."

Founder of Digital Habitus, a passionate advocate for minimalist design, content creation and digital marketing.