Level Daybed

Toronto-based design studio MSDS Studio have designed and developed the Level Daybed. The minimalist daybed was designed to elevate the importance of the sawhorse, a shape that provides sturdiness and security.

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FurnitureTom BoxMSDS Studio
Olste Office

Taking two existing apartments and the removing everything but the buildings shell would create the canvas for FIVE AM to work with. Olste, a minimalist office design, is located in Knokkle, Belgium and features a number of multifunctional spaces.

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InteriorTom BoxFIVE AM
GH Bike Rack

OLAS is a furniture design studio located in Melbourne, Australia. Their passion for time-honoured craftsmanship and modern aesthetics is clear when you see their award winning design, the GH Bike Rack.

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FurnitureTom BoxOLAS

If you have ever had a fireplace at home you know that it takes a lot of kindling or newspaper to get that thing going. This was enough of a reason for the guys at George & Willy to design the Firestarter. Inspired by Alaskan whalers from the 18th century George & Willy designed a revolutionary way to light you next fire.

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Autumn Vase

Sanna Völker, a Swedish born designer, has seen success with her work having been exhibited in Milan, Paris, Barcelona and Cologne. Her latest piece is called the Autumn Vase and was inspired with a visit to a local pottery during a trip to Japan.

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Residence L

An interior design studio based in Singapore, Right Angle Studio have designed their latest residence by leveraging light and space to their fullest. The tranquil spatial dimension of this home provides a worthy canvas. The full-height wooden entrances provides an experience as you step within the home to witness the continuous white-finished walls that surround the living room areas.

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Gota Lamp Collection

The young industrial design studio OGSB and the Ateliers J&J have joined forces to create the Gota Collection. Consisting of two different styles of LED lighting, one table lamp and a floor lamp, the collection provides the user variety in use and style.

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Pusada Cutlery Set

Switzerland-based designer Carlo Clopath has designed and developed the minimalist Pusada cutlery set. The set has an almost futurist simplicity to each profile and have been designed to be in either matte or a polished metal finish. The set includes the following pieces: a table spoon, table fork, cake fork, tea spoon and soup spoon.

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ProductTom BoxCarlo Clopath
Entença Apartment

The Entença Apartment was designed by Allaround Lab and is located in Barcelona, Spain. The challenges within this design were evident with an over population of walls, ventilation and light management. They were also challenged in being able to bring both the interior and exterior together as one using the structure elements and natural light.

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Two-in-One House

Located in Akershus, Norway the Two-in-One House is a minimalist designed home by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter. The home is truly inspiring with its ancient backdrop, Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter have created a spectacular design that works with the surrounding environment wonderfully.

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Gyeol Chair

In Korean the word Gyeol means texture and that’s exactly what Jungmo Yang has been able to provide with his latest pieces, the Gyeol Chair. Using the natural textures of birch plywood Yang has been able to design a chair that fits well within South Korean homes.

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FurnitureTom BoxJungmo Yang
The Gent House

Located in Ghent, Belgium is the Gent house designed by minus. This monochrome home draws from a clean colour palette working with light wooden flooring and injections of dark grey. The home is very open and has an almost low profile with most fixtures being quite low to the ground creating a sense of height and space.

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InteriorTom BoxMinus
Mojo Cafe

As cafe's go, this one tops them all. Located in the city of Xi'an, central China the Mojo Cafe has been designed to oppose traditional Chinese design but work in harmony with modern minimalism. Xi'an has been known as a culinary destination plus its historical architecture.

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New Sleepwear Collection by IN BED

IN BED have over the last few years been one of the leading linen brands with their huge success in bedding to their new sleepwear range. Based on growing demand the new range dips its toes into menswear with a linen button-up shirt and short in both white and khaki.

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FashionTom BoxIN BED