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"We want to create a unique behind the scenes perspective, looking at the amazing world of minimalist design. We are devoted to the promotion and curation of minimalist design within an array of creative disciplines." - Tom Box, Founder and Editor.

John & Douglas is passionate about the promotion and curation of minimalist design within architecture, interior, product and furniture design. We were created to track, inspire and promote the best in minimal design from around the world and within Australia. 

Our focus is to help bring to light new and old designers in Australia and around the globe. John & Douglas explores the various trends and understandings around minimalism through daily articles published online and through our collective social channels.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you’ve got a designer or design that you would like to showcase.

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Architecture Design

Our collection of minimalist designed architecture illustrates the creative genious that is our modern designers of today. With a clean focus on minimal design, leading edges and simple aesthtetics our range provides a detailed look at what is new and avaialble today.


Interior Design

From around the world, we hunt for what we consider the highest in minimal design. This includes our range of interiors that promote and showcase Scandinavian to Japanese inspired designs. We wouldn't limit the designers scope, rather we focus on what we consider the best in minimalist interior design.


Furniture Design

A simple piece that not only provides a unique visual stimulus but offers a grounding usability is key to what we believe to be the highest in minimalist furniture design. From around the world, we search high and low for some of the most stunning, clean, simple pieces to not only promote the design itself but the designers and their process as well. 


Product Design

Within our lives we invite and utilise pieces that help us in ways that we don't even consider. This includes the simple knife and fork all the way to how we choose to light our lives within our home. Our collection of minimalist designs promotes the highest in design and cause. Product design has a hold on us that most aren't aware of which provides a level of conscience importance to the curation and promotion to these fine pieces.  


Join us on our journey through some of the most amazing designs from around the world. Sponsors of John & Douglas will get the unique opportunity to be front row to Australia's newest design blog. We aim to have daily updates on the newest minimalist design from around the world with a focus on product, furniture, interior and architecture design.

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